Suzuki Method Workshop

26 February 2018 (Mon), 10am to 1pm
At Black Box Theatre
Suzuki Method of Actor Training

Timing: Feb 26th – Mar 3, 2018, (Mon – Sat) 10AM to 1PM (limited to 12 sign ups)
Venue: YaleNUS Blackbox
Instructor: Gu Jing Sheng

The Suzuki Method of Actor Training, created by Japanese director Tadashi Suzuki, focuses on cultivating and enhancing three important aspects of the actors’ capabilities: energy production, breath calibration, and centre of gravity. Taken together, these three aspects work towards the uncovering of the actor’s inner potential.

Participants will learn and practise the basics of Suzuki Method. This is a class for beginners, no prior experience is required. Students with prior experience are also welcome.

This workshop is NOT a general acting class, but trains the actor on physicality, sensibility, will and commitment. The training requires committed physical work from participants. Anyone with a medical condition is advised to seriously consider before making a commitment.

About the Instructor: Gu Jing Sheng has been a member of the Suzuki Company of Toga since 2011. He coached the Summer LAB group of YaleNUS students who visited Toga in 2017.

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