Bookings of Arts Spaces

1. Where can I go to book a Studio, Practice Rooms, Performance Hall or Black Box?

All bookings of arts spaces must go through the Facilities Booking System at http://booking.yale-nus.edu.sg. Only students, staff and faculty are allowed to access the system. Do note that the FBS is only accessible within the campus. That means, you will not be able to login to the FBS anywhere beyond the campus area. Please read the booking procedures to get a step-by-step guide on how to book the arts spaces.

2. How can I book the space, if I am not part of Yale-NUS, but an external collaborator?

For all visiting artists and external collaborators who are doing work in Yale-NUS and would like to use the space, please contact Executive Nabila at nabila.abutalib@yale-nus.edu.sg for queries and bookings. Alternatively, you can make the request via the Faculty personnel you are in contact with, to make the booking for you.

3. What is the seating capacity of the Black Box and Performance Hall?

Details of the Black Box and Performance Hall can be found here (Performance Hall) and here (Black Box).

4. What kind of functions and events can be held in the Performance Hall and Black Box?

Performance Hall
The Performance Hall holds curriculum module classes, talks, film screenings, concerts, theatre performances or other formal-type events.
Black Box
The Black Box is a versatile space, that comes with retractable seating. We do have additional seating as well, and we are able to configure seating arrangements according to your needs. With its versatility and intimate setting, the Black Box can hold classes, talks, film screenings, performances, music gigs, networking events and occasionally, dining.

5. Are the arts spaces open for rental for commercial purposes?

As of now, we do not allow rental of arts spaces. This is because the arts spaces are also used for classes, on top of rehearsals and practices that come in high demand that are used by the various arts groups.

6. The space I would like to use is already booked by someone else. What should I do?

In the case that the space you would like to use is already booked, please contact the user who booked it directly. Do note that classes, President’s Speaker Series and Tan Chin Tuan Lecture series take priority. There should be no negotiations on usage of the arts spaces if they are booked for these purposes, and we apologise for the any inconvenience this may cause.

7. May I know what other spaces I can use, since the ones I want are already booked and cannot be cancelled?

We have 3 studios and 6 practice rooms to choose from. All arts spaces would most likely be booked nearing the end of semester. With this, please feel free to use the dressing rooms, dressing room corridors, loading bay, Performance Hall foyer, and amphitheatre as well. These spaces are not in the system for you to book, but are open spaces for anyone who needs a place to rehearse or practice.

8. Is it possible for Arts & Media to purchase equipment or materials for the project?

If we do not already have the equipment or materials requested, we may purchase them if we see it being used again in the future. These items will then be charged to Arts & Media. If it is a one-off request, your organisation will bear the cost.

9. How can we build our sets and props?

The Fabrication Studios are open for your use. However, please contact the Fabrication Studios administrators, Niki niki.koh@yale-nus.edu.sg or Nishant nishant.jalgaonkar@yale-nus.edu.sg first. We also have technical casuals, who will help you in building the sets and props for your production.

10. How early should we book the Performance Hall and Black Box for our show?

If you are having a full production (i.e. you need light and sound designs, sets, full cast and crew), you should start planning 3-4 months ahead of time, right at the start of your semester or earlier. Your performance dates should be confirmed by the first month, and rehearsal dates preferably by the start of the second month, when your whole team manages to schedule rehearsal time around class period. As arts spaces get packed by end of semester, it is best to book your rehearsal spaces ahead of time.

11. How can I recur bookings?

Only the Arts team are able to recur bookings in the system. For recur booking requests, please contact Nabila.

Arts Development

1. Who can I go to with regards to technical assistance in the arts spaces?

Normally, technical requirements are discussed during the Production Meeting that will be held whenever a space is booked for any event especially in the Performance Hall and Black Box. If your request is not for an event in the arts spaces, please be in touch with our Technical Manager Shafei, at mshafei@yale-nus.edu.sg for queries on borrowing and using technical equipments from the arts spaces, i.e. microphones, speakers, lights etc.

2. What funding options do we have if we go beyond our budget for a project?

We will first advise you to carefully draw out a budget list, monitor your budget, and try to source for materials that are within your allocated budget. Need you some recommendations for suppliers, do ask our Technical Manager. If you project that it will go beyond, a fundraising event is a good way for your organisation to help with the expenses of your project. Click here for some fundraising ideas.

3. I would like to stage a performance, but I do not know how?

The arts team gives consultations on how to put together a production. We will advise you on appropriate spaces to use, lighting and sound availability as well as stage management. We are open for discussion, so please e-mail Gurjeet or Nabila to book an appointment with us.