Grand Piano Booking

Steinway B211 Piano

This instrument is a valuable College asset. The following guidelines apply to its use and storage.

Booking: Please book the piano via the Facilities Booking System (FBS) here. Select ‘Arts Spaces’ followed by ‘Piano Store’.
Note that the FBS is only accessible within campus network.

Piano storageThe piano store, located behind the Performance Hall, is ordinarily locked. When not in use, standard procedures apply in ensuring the proper use of the piano. No food and drink should to be placed in any part of the piano store, or on the piano; no items should be stored in the piano store without approval of Arts; any items found without prior authorization will be removed immediately without any prior notice.

Piano accessUse of the piano has to be booked online, ordinarily a week in advance. After the booking is done online, the borrower should liaise with Arts about access and movement of piano from and back to storage during office hours (8.30 am to 5.30 pm, Monday to Friday). During office hours, the piano will be moved only by Arts staff. For access to the piano after 5:30pm, Monday-Thursday, prior confirmation must be secured with Arts; and a faculty member must undertake responsibility for the safe use and transport of the piano, returning the key to the storage area back to Arts before 9:30am next day. For Fridays only, a key can also be borrowed from the Coordinator of Music, after confirming that the Coordinator undertakes responsibility for the safe use and transport of the piano.

Weekend piano policyThe piano store is ordinarily locked for weekends (Saturday-Sunday). To use the piano after Friday 6pm and on Saturday and/or Sunday, prior confirmation is to be obtained from Arts, and a faculty member or staff member must confirm responsibility for the safe movement and use of the piano. The piano storage can also be accessed after 6pm on Friday by requesting for the key to the storage area from the Coordinator of Music. 

Safety considerations: The borrower has the responsibility to ensure that the movement and use of the piano, as well as its return to the store, are done in such a way as to ensure that the instrument does not sustain any damage. Such movements should be done with covered footwear. If any of the instructions concerning the piano are unclear, borrowers should check with Arts in advance of moving the piano. The piano lid is to be lifted but not removed when the piano is in use.

Piano tuning: The Steinway B211 tuning is managed by Arts: one tuning every six months. Any additional tuning supplementary to the Arts provision must use the Arts-appointed tuner, coordinate the tuning with Arts, and must make budgetary provision for such a tuning (each tuning costs approximately SGD150 as of Nov. 2016).