Loaning Technical Theatre and Media Resources

Loaning Technical Theatre Resources:

– For queries, e-mail
– Requests can be made during Production Meetings, with lead time of at least 2 weeks before the actual event. Individual requests should be placed at least 1 week in advance.
– Do consult with the arts team to seek advise on appropriate resources for your use.
– All resources borrowed are closely monitored. Users must sign the loan form before and after taking the items.
– All used resources must be returned immediately after use, and to be left in the Arts Office. If returned after office hours, please ask a Dean’s Fellow, or any Faculty or Staff member for access to the office.

Loaning Media Equipments:

– Direct all email enquiries and requests to
– Cameras, projectors and accessories are based on first come first serve basis. A lead time of at least 1 week is required for e-mail requests to ensure equipment are reserved.
– Permission for loan of semi professional and higher level camera equipment is solely at the discretion of ERT Arts and Media staff.
– Students are expected to take good care in using and operating the camera equipment. Any loss or damage will be put on record. Students may be required to pay for damages in part or in full depending on the investigation and their loss report.
– Students may be permitted to loan for more than three days at a time but the loan period should not exceed 7 days.


-All equipments are for Yale-NUS students, staff and faculty only;

-Borrowers are liable for 100% of the cost of any damage or loss;

-NUS Students and Exchange Students are not eligible for loans