Our vision is driven by three mutually dependent parts: 1) nurturing talents, 2) providing platforms for experimentation, and 3) creating performances that reflect and challenge the multifarious aspects of society and the human experience. Founded in 2015 by a group of Yale-NUS students, Artslab is a collective of artists and producers dedicated to creating experimental, interdisciplinary and intercultural work. We are committed to using the arts as a medium of exploring contemporary social and cultural issues. The vision is achieved by:

  • building accessibility through arts education programs and pathways;
  • mentoring emerging artists and theater-makers through associate artists program, creative and research workshops, and resources to showcase new work;
  • creating a gym for imagination and experimentation precipitated by open arts sessions, open readings, and open rehearsals;
  • exploring tensions and intersections between different disciplines through dialogues, collaborations and conferences;
  • promoting interdisciplinary and intercultural depth through artistic, historical, dramaturgical, anthropological, and scientific research;
  • building long-term and mature relationships with student groups, nonprofit organizations, and international partners dedicated to social and cultural issues;
  • publishing anthologies of original written works by students by support of the Yale-NUS Writers Center.