Green Room Theatre


Photo credit: Lai Ying Tong

Green Room Theatre seeks to make theatre accessible to anyone who may be interested in the theatrical arts, grooming holistic thespians who have an understanding of all aspects of theatre, from pre-production to production, acting to directing, and technical work ranging from lights, sound and set design and execution. Green Room Theatre also seeks to provide an avenue through which original student-written content can be produced and performed. Allowing theatre in any form, be it devised theatre, radio plays, or repertory works.

Past work includes: Basket Readings (2014), Unweave (2014), The Confessions Project (2014), Machine by Tan Tarn How (2015), Burn This by Lanford Wilson (2015), 24-Hour Play (2015), In Short (2015)

Upcoming work includes: Radio Plays – MT College Radio (starting 2016), Series of Student-written Plays (scheduled for April 2016), Monthly play-readings (starting 2016).